Fixeo Just the Fix – Palm Beach Condominium

Fixeo Just the Fix – Palm Beach Condominium

How sensitive time and site conditions were met during a condominium project

Seldom does a new product arrive on the scene of access equipment that allows the combination of higher stability and worksite performance that that offered by the Fixeo product from Fixator, France.

Fort Lauderdale-based access equipment supplier Reach Service and Equipment Inc., which served as dealer distributor, in conjunction with West Palm Beach-based Bee Access, which served as agent and importer, were awarded the Palm Beach con­dominium project to provide equip­ment meeting very specific and time sensitive parameters.

Primary concern was the limited access to the roof service, as well as the need to provide a safe working environment on a fast track project. Rules of construction and renovation preclude any work being performed on the island of Palm Beach near a world famous hotel in “season,” which runs from Nov. 1 to May 31. Added concern was the fact the entire project would be taking place over an active parking garage area, so load bearing weight was a concern. Evaluation led all involved to agree that the Fixeo alternative would offer an advantage while meeting all the requirements from building owner, engineer and general contractor.

The Fixeo product allows all standard domestic suspended scaffold equipment to be converted into a light weight mast climbing platform with the same capacities and limitations of standard suspended scaffold systems. This equipment provides a stable work area that will not sway in windy applications and allows for an alter­native to some excessive overhang and soffit conditions.


The mast sections weigh only 55 lbs each, and can be erected to an elevation of 330 ft. Length of the platform is determined by the jobsite requirements and the limitation of the platform system. Ties to the structure are at the base and within every 20 ft thereafter, plus one more at the top. The size and light weight allow for the equipment to be placed in very small areas with easy access into elevators and other jobsite conditions. All equipment is modular and the heaviest item is traditionally the electric hoist and lock assembly.

There is no need for a fork lift at any phase of the handling of the equipment. A feature in the concern of safety is the ability to run a static line on the platform for attachment of safety lanyards and equipment. While this was not practical for this project, it is a feature to be considered in the future. Also unique is the re­quirement of a level sensitive electric yoke that prevents the hoists from becoming excessively out of level placing significant loads on the masts and ties.

Jobsite superintendent Jason Levitt says, “The nearly $14 million project was bid w1der the condition that the roof was not to be used for rigging. This precluded the use of standard swing staging on the job. Furthermore, fixed scaffold was considered too 1isky during the hurricane season and mast climbers too heavy and costly because of the limited height and parking garage lin1itations. To make matters more challenging, the entire first year of the project had to be completed in six mond1s, without a single day’s grace allowed. This meant that large platforms would be a huge advantage so the entire facades could be worked at one time.”

Levitt adds, “The Fixeo system has provided a highly efficient and effective means of accessing the building for all d1e work that is being performed. The platforms remain solid and reliable despite the wind on the beach, and allow for work to continue when less stable hanging scaffolds would have meant lost production. The Fix.eo system has given us a competitive advantage in bidding the work and the benefits in time and money savings continue in daily operation.”



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