In Memoriam: Kenny Yamamoto

In Memoriam: Kenny Yamamoto
October 29, 2011

We at Bee Access are very sad to announce the passing of our good friend Mr. Kenny Yamamoto, who died unexpectedly on Oct. 29 of a heart attack at his home.

Kenny Yamamoto joined Nihon Bisoh (Tokyo) in Japan in 1996 after working in New York for a popular camera magazine. Kenny’s involvement in suspended scaffolding spans many years. He was instrumental in the Spider Staging support and use of the Nihon Bisoh’s Zmac hoist in all their rental operations. Then, after Nihon Bisoh learned the unique needs of our rental market, Kenny proudly traveled by car, visiting many of you throughout the United States introducing the next generation of Nihon Bisoh hoist ,the Bisomac210. He was also a constant supporter and presence at the many SAIA meetings and functions.

Kenny’s perseverance, patience and belief in his company’s product was the key factor in our decision to get involved in the distribution of the Bisomac in the America’s. Kenny was correct and the continued success of the Bisomac hoist will be his legacy, but he will be sorely missed as we move ahead. Kenny is survived by his wife, Megumi; daughter, Haruna; and son, Ryoichi.