Suspended Scaffold & Overhead Protection Watermark Building

Suspended Scaffold & Overhead Protection Watermark Building

The Watermark at Logan Square is a retirement community in Center City, Philadelphia providing independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care in a continuum of care. Crews were doing a mixture of façade repair, restoration, caulking, painting, and patchwork.

This was a multi-discipline setup for the Superior Scaffold Dream team. The Suspended scaffold and Frame divisions had to assemble an outrageous overhead protection system (canopy, sidewalk shed) at the base of the building on multiple levels so they could keep the business up and running while repairs took place overhead. And the swing stage team had to get crews access to the entire façade of the building.

And that’s just what we did.


There were a couple of long runs of canopy frames on both sides of the building as well as a few special accommodations for the loading docks and entryways. You can see that the scaffold had to be erected around the shape of the front of the building.

Then system scaffold was used to erect 4 towers at the loading dock to carry the long aluminum beams and canopy overhead.

They also needed to be decked in and debris paneled so the swings could sit on top of them.

Speaking of shapes, the top of the building, a very unique shape to give the top two floors more real estate and view – but massive trouble for the swing stages that needed to be hung off the sides to get to the façade for repairs and patching.


Superior’s resident “king of swing” Bob Sarkisian designed a double-wide swing stage that would fill the gap or space in between the stages and the building so workers could get up close and personal to the façade.   It was another smart solution to a potential problem.

The Watermark Retirement Community building never looked so good! She is back to her old glory.

Contractor: Joseph Dugan, equipment used, Altrex modular swing stages, power climber PC1 motors, canopy frames, u heads, screw jacks, cross-beams, aluminum beams, joists, debris panels, lights, steel beams, system scaffold, towers


Author –
Eric Highland
Marketing Director

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