60″ Diameter Circular Tank Platform – American Scaffolding

60″ Diameter Circular Tank Platform – American Scaffolding

Customer: American Scaffolding

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Products Used: BISOMAC 210 Hoists  |  Central Control Box  |  Custom Bee Access Stirrups  |  Ring Lock Scaffolding

  • Safe access was required on the interior of a 250’ tall by 60’ diameter concrete tank
  • Full access was required around the inside diameter to drill holes in the walls every 10′ to apply epoxy resin
  • The workers needed to start drilling at a minimum of 6’ from the wall which required a larger platfrom width then a normal swing stage
  • American Scaffolding knew that traditional system scaffolding or mastclimbers would not be a cost-effective solution for the customer
  • They reached out to Bee Access for a custom access solution that could be used to lower an oversized circular platform from the top down
  • The Bee Access engineering team went to work designing a custom stirrup that would support system scaffolding rather than typical swing stage platforms to handle the unique requirements of the project
  • The Bee Access designed stirrup mounted directly to existing ring lock scaffolding giving the workers the added space that was required for drilling
  • The end result was that the install time of this access solution went from a few months to less than 2 weeks at a fraction of the cost to more typical, off the shelf options


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