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UP-STAGE System Components

1.   Side Frame - available lengths:
      0.5m (1'-10"), 1m (3'-9"), 2m (6'-9") or 3m (9'-9")
2.   Deck - available lengths:
      0.5m (1'-10"), 1m (3'-9"), 2m (6'-9") or 3m (9'-9")
3.   U-frame (INCLUDING 8 Quick Pins) 
4.   Guardrail Post
5.   End Stirrup
6.   Guardrail - available lengths:
      0.5m (1'-10"), 1m (3'-9"), 2m (6'-9") or 3m (9'-9")
7.   Caster Assembly
8.   Roller Bumper
9.   Quick Pin
10. Walk Thru C-stirrup
11. End Guardrail

For detailed information, please see the pdf link below.
> UP-STAGE Brochure

> Platform Component Chart

Part No. Description
US5SF 1/2M Side Frame 
US5GR 1/2M Guard Rail 
US5DK 1/2M Deck 
US1SF 1M Side Frame 
US1GR 1M Guard Rail 
US1DK 1M Deck 
US2SF 2M Side Frame 
US2GR 2M Guard Rail 
US2DK 2M Deck 
US3SF 3M Side Frame 
US3GR 3M Guard Rail 
US3DK 3M Deck 
USUFR U Frame w/ 8 Quick Pins
USUFRS U Frame w/ 8 Quick Pins, Steel
USGRP Guard Rail Post
USEGR End Guard Rail 
US1HS Hinge Section
USQP1 Quick Pin, Each
USQP2 Quick Pin Set (2 + Lanyard)


UP-STAGE System Components
Part Number: UPSTAGE-System

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