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Remote Control

This Single Hoist Remote Control has been specially designed to meet tough outdoor conditions. The enclosure and switches meet NEMA IP65 water resistance ratings, but were actually tested according to IP67 ratings. We did a temporary submersion test in a 3.3 ft column of water and no leakage was detected. In addition, we added an extra protection in the wiring circuit to decrease the chance of a short circuit.

Part numbers:

BISOMAC210 Version I Model:
836306 Remote Control, BISOMAC-6ft
836312 Remote Control, BISOMAC-12ft
836320 Remote Control, BISOMAC-20ft
836350 Remote Control, BISOMAC-50ft

BISOMAC210 Version II and all 308 Models:
836306V2 Remote Control, BISOMAC-6ft;V2
836312V2  Remote Control, BISOMAC-12ft;V2
836320V2  Remote Control, BISOMAC-20ft;V2

836350V2  Remote Control, BISOMAC-50ft;V2
836385V2 Remote Control, BISOMAC-150ft;V2
836390V2 Remote Control, BISOMAC-250ft;V2

Remote Control
Part Number: 836306

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