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Parapet Hook, 1/2x12

A simple, strong design to rig parapet walls. ½” flame cut hooks are for parapet loading only. The ¾” models can be used for point loading as well. Choose from the following sizes:
820209 Parapet Hook, 1/2x9”
820212 Parapet Hook, 1/2x12”
820216 Parapet Hook, 1/2x16”
820220 Parapet Hook, 1/2x20”
820224 Parapet Hook, 1/2x24”
820232 Parapet Hook, 1/2x32”
820316 Parapet Hook, 3/4x16”
820320 Parapet Hook, 3/4x20”
820324 Parapet Hook, 3/4x24”

1000 lb load capacity (incl. 4 to 1 safety factor)

For specifications, see the pdf link below.
Spec Sheet, Parapet Hooks

Parapet Hook, 1/2x12
Part Number: 820212

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