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Outrigger Beam, 10x6;split 25ft

The 10x6 I-beam is our strongest and can be used to create outreaches up to 11 ft without a cable truss. Call us for other special cababilities.


Part No. Description
820104 Counterweight, 50 lb.
920150 Outrigger Brace Assy.
920260 Splice Plate Assy., 10x6
920262 Beam, 10x6;9ft 
920263 Beam, 10x6;12-1/2ft F/R
920264 Beam, 10x6;16ft
920265 Outrigger Beam, 10x6;split 25ft
920266 Beam, 10x6;12-1/2ft Middle
920267 Masthead, 10x6 Front
920268 Masthead, 10x6 Rear
920269 Beam, 10x6;11ft Middle
920270 Beam, 10x6;14ft F/R

 For sample applications see the pdf links below.
10x6 Outrigger Beam w/10 ft Outreach on Dolleys  
> 10x6 Outrigger Beam w/11 ft Outreach on Dolleys  


Outrigger Beam, 10x6;split 25ft
Part Number: 920265

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