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A mast climber is stable and ground rigged, but heavy,cumbersome to install and expensive. A suspended platform is lightweight, very modular and inexpensive, but it sways and roof rigging can be a problem. The Fixeo combines the advantages and takes away the disadvantages of each system to create a truly stable, efficient and cost effective way to access building facades during construction, restoration and maintenance. The Fixeo system is lightweight and modular with a base of only 2-1/2 square ft and 5 ft high mast sections that only weigh 52 lbs! Two workers can transport and install the complete system. Mast guide rollers keep the platform from swaying to create a solid work deck up to 50 ft between masts. Added safety is achieved by an automatic locking device that engages in case of excessive tilt or slack rope condition.


• Increased Utilization

Companies that already own Altrex suspended scaffolding can integrate existing hoists and platforms and need only add the mast components. This means increased utilization and efficient fleet management.
• Extremely Versatile
Companies that don’t yet own suspended scaffolding, now have a 2 for 1 platform system. Use it as a mast climber, or add some roof rigging and use it as a suspended platform! No other system gives you this versatility!
• Simple Logistics
The lightweight modular components are easy to store and transport. Two workers can install and dismantle the complete system. 1 phase 220V power is usually easier to find on job sites. No big trucks or forklifts are necessary.
• Increased Productivity
Several platforms of up to 50 ft can be used simultaneously and independently from each other. Up to 2000 lb. load capacity at heights of up to 330 ft.
• Safety
Secure anchoring to the facade every 20 ft . Mast guide rollers prevent sway and create a stable work platform. Platform locks onto mast in case over excessive tilt or slack rope condition. Yoke Box provides central emergemcy stop and tilt sensors. When using Bisomac210 hoist, you also have a built-in overload device.

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Fixeo System Components
Part Number: Fixeo-System

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