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The Bisomac 210 Hoist uses a strong 2 hp motor that gives it three distinct advantages:

1. Excellent lifting strength for today's longer and heavier platform configurations.

2. Amazing low voltage performance that eliminates the need for booster transformers, as well as the capability to climb even the tallest buildings without hesitation. 

3. Durability and longevity for years of trouble free service.

The overload device makes sure the strong motor doesn't exceed the UL specifications for 1000 lb. rated hoists. As a bonus, this same hoist can be reconfigured to lift 1500 lb. on 5/16" wire rope (U.S. only). You can also purchase the ready to go 1500 lb. 5/16" UL version as part number 830215U (U.S. only). Call for more details.

Part Number: 830210

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